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NWrecover cannot change browse time in GUI on Solaris 10

July 13, 2010

I ran across another problem shortly after I wrote the first post of today. I was attempting to run nwrecover from a Solaris 10 server to restore some data. I was unable to change the browse time, receiving this error:

“An invalid or incomplete time value has been entered. Ensure the value entered includes hours, minutes and seconds and then try again.”

All I attempted to do was change the date, I did not change the time at all. Fortunately, I discovered a similar problem elsewhere which was solved by installing Solaris patch 119397-09. I am now able to run nwrecover and change the browse time without any problem.


“Error: ‘nsrclone: error, no matching devices on ‘server'”

January 5, 2009

I owe numerous posts on our COPAN situation, but I don’t have the time now. However, COPAN and Falconstor seem to have fixed the major problem that the VTL had, so we have put the COPAN VTL back into production. However, since we first used it back in March 2008, we have upgraded from Networker 7.2.2 to Networker 7.4.2. EMC has added a field in the Properites of the jukebox which needs to be filled out. The “Read hostname attribute” in the “jukebox resource” shows the name of the host that will be used to read the VTL tapes for cloning. Of course, the hostname must be a hostname that is attached to the jukebox.