“Enabler type is for a different platform”

A few months or so, we finally got around to buying Networker licenses for the two COPAN VTL’s we purchased. We were running on temporary licenses for two jukeboxes. This was caused by the failure of the temporary VTL licenses to work.

Once I entered the licenses codes, an error message popped up, “Enabler type is for a different platform”. We opened a ticket with Networker support and the end result was to load a hotfix, “LGTsc07430”.  Unfortunately, this hotfix was supposed to be for Networker 7.4, but after my objection, EMC admitted it should work just fine for 7.3.3 as well.

Unfortunately, installing this fix also forces you to begin using the infamous “daemon.raw” file instead of the old daemon.log we know and hate/love. I tend to have an open window running a “tail -f” on the daemon.log file. Although you can get the gist of the file by reading it, you need an editor to read it properly. Still, I run a tail on the daemon.raw file as well as the daemon.log file (which is still used and needed).


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