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VTL and the KISS principle

May 29, 2008

We are in the process of adding a COPAN VTL to our backup environment. It consists of two FalconStor landing areas with about 13 TB each. Behind them are two COPAN MAID SIR disk trays with about 60 TB each. Each VTL should have about 500 MB/s throughput from the SAN. Unfortunately, we are seeing about 400 MB/s on one and 300 MB/s on the other. As of yet, we do not know why we are not seeing the full performance. Currently, all but one of the six servers are running 2 GB fiber channel. The faster VTL has the one server running 4 GB fiber channel. Each server has an port on the HBA dedicated to the traffic going to the VTL. The obvious thing to try is to convert all those ports to 4 GB fiber channel.


NFS mount from NetApp hangs

May 22, 2008

We had a problem that would come and go for months on a Solaris 10 server. Any NFS mount from the old NetApp 940C’s on this server would hang. Also, the backup by Networker of the root filesystem ( /) would fail each time. The workaround was that we would unmount any NFS filesystem from the two NetApps. The backups would then succeed.

We discovered that ipsecinit.conf was present in /etc/inet. It was only present on this server. The fix was to remove the file to prevent it starting up again. We also issued the ipsecconf -F which flushes the cache apparently and more of less turns it off as well. This works without a reboot.


May 22, 2008

I have been working as a UNIX administrator since 1992, starting with AIX and moving to Solaris and Linux. I have been using Legato (now EMC) Networker off and on since 1996. I have only been directly responsible for Networker the last four years.

We are currently running Networker 7.3.3 on a Sun T2000 with 16 threads and 16 GB of memory. We are trunking two of the copper gigabit Ethernet adapters. There are three QLogic 2462 HBA’s in this system: two ports are connected to SAN disk, two ports are connected to two 9509 2GB FC switches (connected to the tape library) , and two ports are connected to two 9513 4GB FC switches (connected to two VTL’s.

We have 139 Windows clients, 44 Linux clients, 118 Solaris clients and 13 AIX clients. We also have 6 clusters, 6 NDMP and 3 Exchange servers. We also have two COPAN VTL’s (more on this later). We also have one storage node and 25 dedicated storage nodes. We have a Quantum (ADIC) i2000 with 9 LTO-2’s, 11 LTO-3’s and 16 LTO-4’s. Quite a varied installation!